Sunday, December 16, 2012

Will I remember it all?

My children are growing up too fast.  I know it is cliche but it is true.  I feel like we are already onto the "next phase".  With about 10 more phases to go.  We are done with the baby stuff and transitioning out of diapers, cribs, etc. It's not an overnight process but it will be so strange to not be buying diapers, pull ups and wipes.  It will be so strange not to have a crib in the house. 

I look at their little faces and pray that as they grow, I remember all of these moments.  I take pictures.  I keep a family journal of what we do every month.  I scrapbook.  But is it enough?  Will I remember the sayings, the moments, the faces?  The other night I was tucking Laci into bed and watched her arrange all 25 of her stuffed animals.  It's quite a process.  She knows where each ones goes and cries out if she can't find them.  She is their shepherd.  Will I remember these days when she is a teenager and there aren't any stuffed animals left?  Last night, Calvin was so proud of himself for putting his coat on by himself - only to have it on upside down with the hood on his bottom.  These are the moments I love.  Right now they both fit in my lap.  That won't last for long.  But I will keep them on my lap as long as I can.  There will always be room for them both. 

It all goes so fast.  I can't wait for each new phase and I love watching them grow into the people they are meant to be.  But I just want to keep them small and remember each moment forever.

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