Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turkey Trot 2012

More on running...

About 10+ years ago, I did a Thanksgiving Turkey trot with my dad.  And the next year.  Soon other family members started to join me.  Now it is an annual event and everyone participates.  My brother, the mega runner, is so passionate about running.  With my brothers, sister, in laws, nieces, nephews and kids, there are 17 of us now. So my brother organized his own Turkey Trot 5k.  It was pretty cool.  He found a course, got us matching shirts (sponsored by our companies) and provided snacks at the end.  Because of my busy schedule and lack of running in November and October, I hadn't decided if I was going to walk or run it.  My mom isn't able to walk that far so the original plan was to have Calvin stay at the park with her and Laci was going to walk with my sister, niece and nephew and I was going to run.

The morning turned out perfect.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone showed up with our shirts.  Calvin was so excited.  He ran around saying "We're going running!!!"  He stretched with everyone and went to the start line.  The course was a lap around a little pond two times.  I decided to walk a lap with him and my sister and the little ones. We all got to the start line and with a "go", every one took off.  As Calvin started running, his smile turned to big tears and he started crying "Wait for me, guys, wait for me!"  It was the saddest, sweetest and cutest thing ever.  I felt so bad for him.  And we started our walk.  I ended up carrying him for most of the mile and a half.  I don't carry him very much anymore and my arms were sore for a week after.  But we walked picking up the rear and I could see my whole family running together.  It was the most special run / walk I ever did.  I love my big extended family and doing anything like that together.  Occasionally we caught up with my sister and the other little ones. I wish I had my camera and could capture the moment of the four of them holding hands and walking together.  We were lapped by the fast ones and finished our one lap after my brother and nephew finished two laps.  But we cheered everyone in.  A few years ago, was the first time my nieces and nephews ran with us and I ran most of the run with my niece.  It was awesome. I love sharing one of my loves with all of my loves.

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