Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's Waff

 I visited a friend of mine and her new baby a few weeks ago.  I love the house of a new baby.  There are very few changes in the house.  On the end table or coffee table, there is usually a bottle, pacifier, burp clothe. There is the swing and maybe a little baby gym activity center.  Again, I think parents are eased into the chaos of parenthood.  I remember those days and when my house was like that.  I remember being in those days and remembered to cherish it because never again will I have that special time.

I came home and remembered that each year with our kids is a special time.  Calvin and I have a new thing we do at bedtime when we read books.  We laugh.  We laugh over the top and full of drama - you know that laugh where you tip your head back and laugh really loud - Ha Ha Ha.  We do that for about 5 minutes every night.  It's so sweet.  We will be reading and get to a point and he'll look at me and say "Let's Waff..."  And we laugh.  And we laugh.  And we laugh.  It's so sweet and special.  I love that special time with him every night.  Sometimes I say "Should we laugh?" and he'll say "no, not yet."  He picks the time that we waff.  

About an hour later, I put Laci to bed.  We read books too.  Whoops - I mean she usually reads books to me now.  I'm still getting used to her reading to me instead of me reading to her.  We snuggle in bed together and then I hug her and kiss her good night.  Every night is a special night with each of my kids.  

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