Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This one hit me close to home.  Not because I am a runner.  I am not a runner compared to the Boston Marathoners.  But because I am a sister.  My brother ran the marathon yesterday.  It was his biggest achievement.  He devoted the last 6 months of his life to training for this race and reached his goal.  His goal was 3 hr and he completed it in 2:55:59.  I am so proud of him.  It was his day.  

And then it wasn't.  His day, his memories of this day will forever be overshadowed with the tragic event.  This is not true of just him but of all the runners.  This was their day to shine.  And now it is a tragedy.  No one can take away his achievement.  

He finished the race at 1:00 p.m.  I heard about the explosions at 3 p.m.  My other brother and parents were with him.  I knew he had finished awhile ago and they had all met up so I had to assume that they were safely away from the finish line.  Fortunately, they had already made it back to the hotel.  But it was still scary not knowing where they were.  The what-ifs are scary.  The what-ifs have changed me.  The what-ifs linger on in my heart.  The what-happened for all of those other runners and spectators is scary and tragic.  I can not even imagine the emotions that went through everyone in Boston yesterday afternoon. 

I am a runner.  Not a runner like they are but a runner.  I will continue to run for all of them.  For all of those who trained and achieved their goals.  For all of those who trained and did not get to achieve their goals.  This was their day. This will always be their day. 

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