Monday, April 8, 2013

This Is Engineering

I have always been very proud of my Purdue engineering degree.  I am very proud of my professional engineering license.  They are just two letters but they are important to me.  There is a Youtube spoof "This is Engineering" done by Purdue engineers based on the Thrift Shop song.  The Thrift Shop song is pretty inappropriate for Laci.  But I showed her the This is Engineering video.  She loves it.  I explained what engineers do and how important it is to be an engineer.  I explained the engineers design everything we use and everything we do.  I convinced her that she could become a Purdue engineer too. 

While we were in Nashville, the Thrift Shop song came on.  She randomly asked "Mom, how can you be an engineer if you don't design anything?"  Ouch.  She put me in my place!  The only comeback I had was that my coworkers design things and that I went to school and passed a test.  You really can't get anything past her. 

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