Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surely the prescence of God is in this place...

Sunday morning on our trip was Easter Sunday.  Charlie lived in Nashville the first two years he was out of school.  So Sunday morning, we drove to Brentwood and drove by his old apartment, his old stomping grounds and went to his old church - Brentwood UMC.  This church was enormous.  We parked up front in the visitors lot.  The church was packed for Easter.  They didn't have Sunday school because it was Easter that day but they did have childcare for 2 and under.  It's a good thing we got there early because it took 15 minutes to find the right room (with two guides leading us) and get Calvin checked in. 

The sanctuary was beautiful.  We were obviously in an area of town with a lot of money.  Everything was grand.  As we waited for the service to start, I remember thinking "How do people find God amongst all of this 'stuff'.  Amongst all of this 'grandeur'".  Then I realized what a stupid thought that was.  Rich people have faith and God too.  If I went to my original theory, the only true faith and the only place to find God would be in small country, poor churches.  And that doesn't make sense either. 

I don't know if it was the choir, the music, the stained glass or what but God was there for me that day.  Easter is one of my favorite church Sundays.  It's what it is all about.  I was moved.  I was so honored to be able to share that experience with my daughter too. 

It's funny because later in the car, Charlie said the exact opposite.  He made the comment that the church is so big and so grand that it would be hard to find God there.  His comment was based on the fact that it seemed easy to get lost there.  I understand what he was talking about.  But I also know that if you look, God was definitely there that day and every day.

Sadly, this is the best family Easter picture I got.  Laci saw her muff in the car and had to put it on when I pulled the camera out.  She looks like she is about to rob a train!  :) 

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