Monday, April 22, 2013

My Little Parrot

Leave it to Calvin to bring levity to a serious situation.  Sunday night, we were out taking a pajama walk.  The kids had their baths and we were out playing in our pajamas.  It's fun to do every once in awhile.  We were in a row - Laci way out front on her bike, I was pushing Calvin on his little bike and Charlie was walking behind us.  We were constantly yelling to Laci to wait for us.  I kept reminding her that we have to be able to see her.  

Then it happened - she crossed the street without looking.  Our street is pretty quiet and normally this wouldn't be an issue.  But of course last night a car was coming.  Thank goodness they stopped in time.  But I remember the slow motion-ness of stopping and holding my breath as this happened.  Charlie was yelling and walking to catch up to her.  She was crying when we got to her.  I am still not sure if she fully understands what happened or if she was upset because we were so upset.  So on the sidewalk, we sat and explained what happened.

It was a very serious and traumatic moment for Charlie and me.  But Calvin was cracking me up.  He started repeating "do you understand... do you understand?" after we were saying that.  Then he walked his bike home in his sleeper saying "crossing the street... crossing the street...."  We got the bikes put away and went inside.  For some reason, Calvin started singing "Laci Hart got hit by a car... Laci Hart got hit by a car." It was highly inappropriate.  We were pleading with him to stop.  

Laci had hidden upstairs crying.  When we found her, she said she was crying because Calvin was making fun of her.  We tried to remind her that he was just repeating what he heard us say and he wasn't making fun of her.  Then Calvin walked in.  

Calvin's new thing is taking off his clothes.  Why? Because he can.  So he walked in naked... again.  He also ate dinner naked.  So our serious learning lesson time was again thwarted with me trying not to laugh at Calvin.  When he takes his clothes off and I ask him where they are, he always responds "I don't know."  Then he walks away, comes back with them in his hands and says "Oh, here they are" like he just found them.  

I hope Laci learned a lesson last night.  We tried to have another serious talk with her again... after Calvin went to bed. 

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