Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reading and Running.... Is there a correleation?

Is there any correlation between readers and runners?  I found a blog that I really enjoy be searching about a book I read.  I was looking for the correlation between Hunger Games and Matched.  The main purpose of the blog is now book reviews.  But the writer is a runner and often blogged about running and running accomplishments, goals, etc.  As a runner and a reader, I appreciate and enjoy all posts.

I joined a book club about a year ago.  At this point, there are about 5 of us that meet regularly and many others on the distribution list.  The others are all good friends that have known each other for years.  I was a little hesitant to join a new group, especially if I was an outsider but I am so glad I did and I really enjoy everyone in the group.  By chance, the 5 of us are all runners.  We're all at different levels with our running but runners are runners.  We've even talked about doing some 5ks together next year.  

It got me thinking - is there any correlation between readers and runners?  Or is this just a coincidence.  Charlie reads and runs.  My brother runs but doesn't read.  My coworker reads but doesn't run.  So maybe not.  Just something else that I ponder...

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