Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boys and Girls

Calvin is currently obsessed with giving us a running commentary, particular with what the boys and the girls are doing.  For example, the other day we got out of the car and Laci and Charlie walked on ahead.  As I carried Calvin out of the car, he said "Two are walking and one is being carried."  Usually it is "one boy is doing this and one girl is doing that."  Or "two boys are doing this."  This morning, I took Laci to camp and Charlie took Calvin to school.  Calvin usually isn't up before we leave.  As we walked out the door Calvin said "Two boys are staying home."  On the way to school, he said "Two boys are quiet."  It's pretty funny to have running commentary on what the boys and girls are doing.

He is also very authoritative on what everything should be doing.  For example "Monkey's eat bananas.  People don't eat bananas."  Yes they do Calvin.  "People eat food, people don't eat feet."  And everything is funnier in his little old man voice.  

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