Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kindergarten Update

If you remember at the beginning of the year, we decided to put Laci in Kindergarten a year early.  As of right now, I am still confident that it was the right decision for Laci.  She did great in kindergarten.  She is still really shy which surprised us a lot and she is still learning to talk at appropriate times.  She talks about other kids and friends but still says she spends a lot of recess standing with the teachers.  I have talked to other parents and sometimes it takes awhile for kids to meet their friends - young and old.  She loved the YMCA before and after school program.  I think she got a lot out of being with the older kids there.  
Last day of school picture.  I was able to stay home and she rode the bus. 
She's holding up a 1 for First grade!

Her end of the year program - this was her theatrical read. 
I love that she is patiently waiting for her turn.  I love the sign in the back - "We Did it!"  She also won a medal for Citizenship.  :)

One of my "goals" or concerns for her was whether or not she would be ready for the REACH (high ability) program.  She qualified for the math portion and not the language arts piece.  This surprised us because she is such a good reader.  I am not sure how the school handles the kids that are in just part of the program.  I talked to her principal and if there is room in the REACH classroom, they will put Laci in there.  Her elementary school is the smallest in the district and they usually have room for all the high ability students. 

Other changes that Laci has had over this year.
1.  She has lost two teeth.  Her tooth fairy brings presidential gold dollar coins. 

2.  Last summer she would only wear sundresses.  This year, she will only wear athletic shorts and t-shirts.  She won't even wear scooter shorts anymore.  She will still wear a dress for church. 

3.  Her favorite color is now black and pink. No more all pink now.

4.  She is done with princesses.  

5.  She likes barbies and her doll house people.

6.  She is old enough to walk down to her friends house by herself, ask her friend to come out and play and both walk back together.  Or I am just too lazy to walk her down there. 

7.  She reads really well.  We no longer have to ask what she wants at a restaurant.  She now reads the menu and orders herself.

8.  Bedtime isn't always a struggle.  We tuck her in, say good night and she goes to sleep. 

And some things still stay the same.

1.  We got her new sandals last weekend.  8 days later they were already broken.  Thank goodness for superglue.

2.  She is still a picky eater.  We need to seriously work on that.  

I am so proud of my FIRST GRADER!

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