Thursday, June 27, 2013

I give because I am a Mother

I gave blood this morning.  My arm hurt more than usually today as i was giving blood.  It hurts more an usual now.  As I was sitting on the chair with my arm hurting, I thought about why I give blood.  I give blood because I am a mother.  No real specific reason.  I don't give to give back because we once needed it.  My family doesn't have any health problems that have ever needed blood.  None of us have ever been on the receiving end of a blood transfusion.  I pay it forward and pray that none of us ever need it in the future.  

The real reason I give blood is to set an example for my daughter.  It's an easy way to give and give back.  My mother always gave blood and donates regularly.  She was the example for me.  I don't know if Laci or Calvin will ever donate blood.  But they know that I donate blood regularly.  I hope that I am setting the example for them.
I gave blood today... because my mother taught me that it is the right and easy thing to do. 

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