Saturday, June 15, 2013

They are Dads

I don't know about you but my dad is my dad. He's not a man. He's not a person. He's my dad. He has very Dad-esque qualities. When I see him, I see my childhood of him taking care of things. The papa bear. That is a funny analogy for my dad because my dad is the most mild man in the world. But he is still a dad and all of our protectors. He packed the car for trips. He always drove. He was on the sidelines of all of our games. He ran with us. He made pancakes and grilled cheese for dinner on Sunday nights. He cut the grass and took care of the yard work and garden. He played catch with us. He's our dad. It probably wasn't until I was an adult when I realized he is an actual person and a man outside being my dad.

Now I am starting to see Charlie and other men as "dads". These are people that I have known for years. Now I see them as someone's dad. I don't really know what that means but I can picture them doing the yard work, packing up the kids, playing with them at night. They are their kids protector. I see them as their kids see them. I am not really sure what that means but I see them in a different light. I see pictures of their kids on their desk and can see them hanging out with their kids. This change from man to dad takes a few years. Kids need their dads (and moms) differently than babies and toddlers.

Now as I see these people who were just people before, I wonder about the secret life my own dad had while I was growing up when I only saw Dad.

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