Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mom "dating"

I've lived here for 14 years now.  And I am still looking for that bff.  Making friends as an adult is so hard.  It's basically dating.  I have friends from church.  Friends from work.  Friends from bookclub. 

I feel like I am "asking them out" when I am asking them to get together.  What should we do?  Where should we go?  How do I ask so it doesn't sound like a date?  Do I follow up?  Do I wait for them to ask me to get together next?  Do I wait three days?   

I invited my neighbor to join the kids and me at a local concert at the park tonight.  I'm so glad I did.  Her daughter is Laci's bff right now.  They live 3 doors door and Laci and her daughter are the same age.  Her son is 9 months younger than Calvin so I see them being friends in the future too.  And we get along too when we are outside with the kids.  We had a nice time tonight.   I hope this is the start of a good friendship and more outings / get together with her and their family.  It's hard to make that first step and get to know someone.  But it's worth it. 

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