Friday, June 24, 2011

Attempts at a picture with an 11 month old.

My dad and I have similar monthly picture projects with Calvin.  I have 12 month CAL (from Cal State) onesie and every month since he was born, I have taken his picture in it.  My dad has a picture frame with a cut out for each month.  Every month it has gotten more difficult to get this picture.  I have almost given up on the 11 month picture.  I finally got a picture of me holding his hands while he is standing in his onesie so you can at least see the CAL.  I don't think he is smiling but he is not crying.  Nearly every day, Laci and I have a little photo shoot with Calvin trying to get the picture for my dad.  Every picture is either blurry, out of focus, he's crying, has a snotty nose or he is moving too fast and all I get is a picture of his clothes or back or back of his head.  Laci said that it would be easier if he was a stuffed animal so we could get a good picture.  I agree.  Some days I just give the camera to Laci.  Her pictures aren't any worse than mine.  When he turns one, I'll post the CAL pictures from all months.  It's been really fun to watch him grow into the outfit.  We have a few more days to get that "perfect" 11 month picture.  I'll try to post the finished product when it is done. 
Here are a few out takes.

"Mom, all I got was his pajamas." - Laci

I was hoping to get a nice close up on him while playing with his stacking blocks.
But he was concentrating too hard and never smiled. 

Another Laci keeper - I love the thumb.

My dad threatened to use this unique picture of him.
I just thought it was funny.

I moved over near the window to get better light.  Calvin decided to crawl away.

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