Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Never a dull moment...

Last night, Laci and I had a big stand off over her demands that I walk across the room and get her a toy.  I refused.  She had the funniest ultimatums.  If you don't get the toy, you can not tuck me in tonight...  you can not say my prayers...  I will take your seat (that was fun to watch her try to take my seat on the couch while I was sitting there).  A few times, she walked over to the toy, picked it up, looked at us, set it down and ran back to us and demanded we get it.  She finally tripped over something else, stubbed her toe, cried and came running for a hug.  The whole tantrum was very tired based.  Our next adventure was picking out clothes to wear tomorrow.  She went through her dresses but couldn't find anything "beautiful" enough.  She needed a dress to dance in and her skirts didn't twirl enough.  She finally settled on plaid purple leggings, a green striped sweater and a long sleeved halloween shirt.  No matter how many times I told her it is too hot to wear that, she insisted.  I wonder who will win the getting dressed battle this morning.  Laci or Charlie who hopefully has the sense to put her in the shorts and t-shirt I set out.  

Of course, by this time she was exhausted and super over tired which means she was still awake at 10:00 saying that she couldn't sleep.  She has decided recently that she wants to sleep with "beautiful" music on so I pulled out the music box from her pack and play and attached it to her bed.  I guess my country music on the radio wasn't helping her sleep.  She is also obsessed with wet wipes, kleenexes or washclothes and always has one in her hand.  She was holding a baby wipe in her hand while she was going to sleep and she asked if it was camouflaged.  I asked what she meant and she asked if it would hurt her eyes if she rubbed them with it.  I finally realized she was asking if it had chemical in it.  Camouflage, chemical... close enough.  I finally told her to stay awake all night and ten minutes later she was asleep.   

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