Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My own pep talk...

So, my blog has become my own personal pep talk...  A few days ago I was doing some thinking and some journaling about whether it was time to make a change.  Is it time to pull myself together and become that "Really Put Together" mom?  But this morning I was talking to someone about the cuteness of lopsided pigtails.  I love lopsided pigtails.  I actually put them in lopsided on purpose.  I was talking to someone else about cute baby rooms and having everything coordinated.  I am sure you can guess by now that my children's room are not cute and nothing is coordinated.  Everything is a hand me down.  We reuse everything for new purposes - an upside down waste basket is a step stool.  A upside down plastic crate is a side table.  An old VCR tape shelf is a bookshelf.  There is nothing on Calvin's walls.  And I love it that way!!!  I love polka dots with stripes.  I love orange and purple together.  I love bold prints.  Laci has so many pink clothes that she is usually wearing several non-matching shades of pink at once.  Unless my kid's clothes come in an "outfit", there is a good chance the bottoms don't match the tops.  And I am okay with that.  If it wasn't for my husband, all of the walls in our house would be bare.  He has taken the initiative to put wall hangings up.  He is in charge of "decorating".  If it wasn't for my husband, my mother and my mother in law, none of our furniture would match either.  

I have to admit that sometimes I have a twinge of jealously when I see siblings in matching outfits or families coordinated for pictures.  I feel a twinge of jealously when I see "grown up" furniture sets at other people's houses.  But I am not jealous enough to try to match or coordinate.  It's just too hard for me.  It is just unimportant to me.    

Here are some pictures we had taken a few weeks ago.  We don't match and we aren't coordinated but my kids sure are cute!  They are both in "outfits".  We are all happy, safe, fed and well loved.  That is much more important to me than our clothes. 

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