Saturday, June 11, 2011

Uh-oh, I may be in trouble...

A few weeks ago, I took Laci to the shoe store.  I was getting sandals.  Laci kept running around and when I told her it was time to go, she told me she was looking for some "cute" shoes.  I thought that was cute so we ended up getting her a pair.  Little did I know that she is a shoe girl!  Today at Meijer, while I was getting diapers, I found her trying on shoes.  "Look Mom, they fit perfectly.  We should get them.  They're cute."  No.  We are not here to get shoes!  I have already bought her three pairs of shoes/sandals in the last month.  She said she just had to walk through the shoe aisle to look on our way out.  This is not good news for me.  I am not a "cute" person.  I am not a "shoe" person.  To me, the only thing worse than shopping for shoes is shopping for clothes. 
So if any of my friends are shoe people and would like to take my daughter out to a shoe store to linger and look for "cute" shoes, she is all yours! 

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