Sunday, June 19, 2011

The English Language

Have you ever stopped to think about how silly the English Language can be sometimes?  I am enjoying listening to Laci learn English and the little nuances that go with it.  For example, there are lots of cliches and phrases that don't make any sense.  She often asks questions about why I say certain things.  But the other day, I laughed at her innocent mistake of just using the wrong word.  At dinner, she raised her glass and asked if we could do "bread".  Bread?  I asked her to ask again.  Then I realized her glass was up and she wanted to "toast"!  She was pretty close - toast is made of bread!

Tonight, she was brushing her teeth, so she doesn't get cavities.  She asked what a cavity is.  I explained that it is a little hole in your teeth and if it gets to big, it really hurts.  She answered that Calvin must have cavities because his teeth always hurt.  Teething, cavities - close enough. 

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