Thursday, April 21, 2011

Folding Laundry

I love doing laundry.  I am not much of a housekeeper.  But laundry is a chore I don't mind doing.  Laundry is relatively simple.  Put the clothes in the washing machine, wait awhile, put the clothes in the dryer, wait awhile, fold, put away and you're done.  I feel productive at the end of the weekend when I finish the laundry.  I have to fold and put the clothes away immediately after the dryer is finished - to prevent wrinkling.  I do not iron.  Nothing makes me feel more married than doing my husband's laundry - especially his underwear. Maybe because it is such a personal item of clothes.  Maybe it is because there is no way that I would let anyone else wash and fold my underwear and he lets me do his.  Maybe it is because it is such a mundane but necessary task.  Whatever the reason, whenever I fold my husband's laundry, I feel very married.  I love being married and having that connection to one person and knowing it is forever and ever.  Even more than I love being married, I love the man I am married to!

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