Monday, April 11, 2011

The Gift of Prayer

The Gift of Prayer

Someone once told me that hearing their children say the Lord's Prayer is the sweetest sound.  I agree.  Laci already knows the Lord's Prayer.  She doesn't know what all the words mean but as she begins to talk better and articulate more, she is beginning to understand and ask questions.  We say two or three prayers every night.  One is the Lord's Prayer.  One is a prayer that Charlie has told her every night of her life.  The other one is my version of his prayer.  She is beginning to understand and ask questions about the prayer.  One night she asked what God's Word was.  I explained that it is the Bible.  Then she asked who Will was.  We always pray to follow God's Will.  She reminded me that Will is at school.  So she asked if we could follow God's Jackson (Will's friend), God's Emily, God's Laci, etc.  It's hard to explain what someone's will is so I just said yes.  We encourage her to say her own some nights. It's always interesting to hear what she prays for.  At dinner, we don't have a set prayer but let her do her own.  She has to thank God for her family and food and the rest is up to her.  Lately her prayer is this "Dear God, Thank you for Laci, Calvin, Mommy and Daddy, Dora, Diego, Baby Jaguar, Boots, Dora's grandma, Baby Sister, Baby Brother, Dora, Diego, Baby Jaguar, Dora, Diego, Boots...."  I have to cut her off after awhile and remind her about the food and that we want to eat.  Charlie wishes her prayers were a bit more serious and genuine but that will come with age and maturity.  Plus, what is more genuine than praying for Dora?  I remind her to pray when we worry and now she reminds us to pray. 

I have so many gifts that I want to give my children.  The gift of prayer and learning to pray is one of the most important.

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