Monday, April 25, 2011

A Mother's Strength

I could write a post about a mother's emotion strength.  We're strong women.  We can handle a lot.  But that's not the strength I'm talking about now.  Mother's are physically strong!  We have to be to tote our children around all the time.  The bigger my kids get, the stronger I get. It's nice that our children start off as tiny babies so we can work our way into strong arms.  I won't go as far to say my arms are toned but they are strong.  Even Charlie talks about how heavy Laci is to carry around.  She's 40 lbs and Calvin is 21 lbs.  I can lift her with ease.  I can carry her farther than I would like to admit that I am carrying her.  Calvin is just attached to my hip all day.  I ran today after taking almost 2 weeks off.  I am tired and feel like I took almost 2 weeks off from running.  Maybe I should stick to child lifting as my main form of exercise. 

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