Thursday, April 28, 2011

Extraordinary Moments

There is little I love more than ordinary extraordinary moments.  Special events are important too.  They give us something to look forward to.  But life is full of those little moments where I stop and say "Yep, this is it."  This is what keeps me going every day.  I could probably write a whole book about ordinary extraordinary moments.  I remember our first family moment.  Laci was about 3 or 4 weeks old.  One night she just cried and cried for hours.  The two of us could not get her to sleep.  Finally at about 5 am, she fell asleep.  I suggested crawling back in our beds.  Charlie pointed out that this was a family moment and we were staying.  She slept in her bouncer and we slept on the floor of his den.

A lot of my ordinary extraordinary moments happen when I get home from work.  There were many days when I first went back to work after Calvin was born that he needed to be held, Laci needed something and I was hungry and wanted to make dinner.  But dinner can wait and my babies can't.  So the three of us would just cuddle on the couch for awhile.  Lately, when we get home, I make dinner with Calvin either on my hip or playing on the floor in the kitchen and Laci coloring at the kitchen table.  Last Thursday, was a very casual dinner at our house.  Calvin was in a diaper and t-shirt and Laci was just in underwear (she had taken her leotard off after gymnastics).  I found myself eating dinner with two kids without their clothes.  Does it get any better than that? 

This past Saturday, Laci woke up at about 6:30 and crawled in bed with us and the three of us watched TV.  Sunday morning, Charlie woke up to all 4 of us hanging out in one bed.  What a great way to start Easter morning.  A few nights ago at bedtime, after Calvin was asleep, Laci arranged us all in her little twin bed by size and announced that we were Papa Bear, Mama Bear and  Small Bear.  Then she said she wished someone was with us to take our picture.  I took a few mental pictures.  I think they will last forever.    

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