Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July - Family Traditions

The Fourth of July may be becoming one of my favorite holidays.  But I say that about every holiday as the kids get older and we celebrate it all through their eyes.  I love the simpleness that comes with the Fourth of July - no set traditions, no gifts, no having to coordinate extended family visits.  It's just the 4 of us.  I love the sentiment and reason behind the holiday.  I love how traditions aren't planned but evolve.  Last year, we went to a neighboring communities fest on Saturday for their fireworks.  This year, only Laci and I went.  We missed "our boys" but I didn't think Calvin could handle being out that late.  We played on the playground and then sat in our lawnchairs and blankets and colored, listened to music, ate snacks and blew bubbles.  It was so nice to just relax and enjoy the night.  I couldn't help but think about last year when I was about to have Calvin.  This church's fest will be a new tradition for us.  Laci and I talked about next year when all 4 of us will be there.  It's nice that it is always on Saturday so we don't have to stay out late for fireworks on a "school night".  On the 4th of July, we always go to the town parade with another friend and her family.  A simple tradition.  I love watching the PBS Washington D.C. special on the 4th.  Growing up, we always had KFC on holidays so KFC for holidays has stuck for me.  Sometime Monday, we will make it to KFC.  In our life B.C. (Before Children), Charlie and I drove to Louisville a few times for fireworks over the river.  It was really nice over the water.  I would like to do that again when the kids are a bit older, maybe when the holiday falls on a weekend so we can make a weekend of it.  We always tried to on the same park bench - I hope it is still there! 
At the playground before the fireworks

Our Girls Night

Just being silly on the blanket.

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