Monday, September 19, 2011

7 Years

Sunday was our 7th anniversary.  This is how I know we have been married awhile and have young children.  We celebrated Saturday night because the kids both went to sleep early and who knows how Sunday night will go.  I got Charlie a card a few weeks ago but lost it.  He will get it when I find it again.  Our "anniversary dinner" on Sunday was soup and an egg salad sandwich from Target for Charlie and cheese & chips and carrots & hummus for me and a jelly sandwich and banana for Calvin.  Laci was at Awana.  It was very romantic.  We even lit a candle.  We then took a walk before it was time to pick Laci up.  The evening was cloudy but beautiful.  It was actually quite nice - an ordinary extraordinary moment. 
We take a picture every year as close to our anniversary as we can get.  Laci's birthday is this weekend so the year she was born, our "anniversary" picture was the night before she was born.  We went to the Purdue game Saturday and had our "anniversary" picture taken in front the engineering fountain.  That is a special spot for us because it is where we got engaged.  I have a 15 x 15 family photo album where each page is one year of our marriage.  Our anniversary picture is always at the top.  The first year, the album was just one page.  Now it is a legitimate album with many pages.  Vacations always get a separate page too.  It's my favorite scrapbook because our entire family history is in one book.  I love looking back and seeing the highlights of our year and watching our family grow.  Now I just need to find time to finish this years page...

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