Friday, September 16, 2011

Best day of Vacation!

I built up our vacation pretty high for weeks before we left.  We were going to the ocean.  We were going to the beach.  But we went in hurricane season.  So the weather wasn't great.  Cloudy and rainy.  All I wanted to do was show my little girl the beach and the ocean.  By golly, that is what I was going to do.  We arrived in Delaware Tuesday afternoon.  Wednesday, there were tantrums all day.  It was a long day.  Then there was playing with cousins.  This was an important part of the vacation.  Wednesday night, I took Laci with her cousins and my brother and sister in law to DQ and then to walk the beach.  I could tell that Laci is not used to beaches and oceans.  She started playing with the sand in the parking lot at DQ.  Finally, we had our ice cream and walked to a bench on the beach.  We made it!  We were at the beach!  It was cloudy and dusk but it was a beautiful night and I was at the beach with my little girl.  That was my best moment of vacation.  She set her shake down and ran to the birds that are always in mass at beaches.  We ran to the water.  We played in the sand.  We spelled our names with sticks in the sand.  My sister in law buried the kids in the sand.  All Laci wanted was to be buried in the sand.  She was in heaven.  The ice cream was long forgotten.  I saw the joy in Laci's face to the ocean and the sand.  Okay, it was really the bay but in our midwestern minds, it was the ocean!  

We went to the beach again for a little while Thursday.  There was a break in the rain long enough for us to go.  The winds and waves were huge due to tropical storms and hurricanes so it was fun to be splashed.  The weather turned out perfect.  The beach was almost empty.  The kids had a great time.  Calvin didn't know what to think.  We stood him in the water and he had the most serious look on his face and then cried.  It was enough for him.  We set him in the sand and he just kept looking at it.  What is this stuff?  We were only at the beach for about an hour.  But it was enough.  Enough for me to be washing sand out of our clothes, van and hair for days.  :)

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