Monday, September 12, 2011

Adventures in Clothes - The Changing Seasons

I had a small panic of worry last week while we were on vacation. While it wasn't warm and sunny, it was still shorts weather. I saw that back home, it was chilly - pants weather. I have not looked into my kids closet to see if I have pants for them. Both of them still need a new wardrobe each season because they still outgrow their clothes too fast. I am looking forward to the day that I can actually pull out clothes from last season for them to wear. I looked ahead to the forecast and realized by the end of the week, the kids will need to be wearing pants and sweatshirts again here.

So yesterday, I spent some time going through their closets with an emergency plan to run to Children's Place on a clothes run. I do not like shopping so I was not looking forward to this. Calvin is fortunate to have two boy cousins close in age and my sister in law has been giving me boxes of clothes for him. I pulled out the 12 m boy clothes and had plenty of pants and a handful of long sleeved shirts. Enough to get him by for a few weeks. One down, one to go. I moved over to Laci's clothes. Between hand me downs from her cousins, things I got at garage sales and things that appear in her closet from "the clothes fairy" aka Grandma, she should be good to go for a few weeks too. They both definitely need more clothes for winter but the emergency run to the mall was cancelled.

I found a pair of Princess flannel pajamas that I had gotten out a garage sale this summer. Laci saw that and immediately wanted to put them on. Of course, who doesn't wear flannel pajamas during the day when it is 75 degrees outside! We played outside in the jammies and took a walk in them. I finally told her she had to change before we went to church Sunday night. I sent her upstairs to get dressed by herself. The clothes she started the day with were still on the floor in her room so I assumed she would just put those back on. Why do I assume anything? She came down with pants, a pink shirt (close to matching too!), underwear and two pairs of socks, her Valentines socks and her Christmas socks. She explained that she needed to bring extra socks to church "just in case". Getting dressed was another adventure. After dancing around the house naked for awhile, she finally got dressed as we were loading up the car. I should add that during this time, we realized we should get Calvin dressed too - he was in a t-shirt, diaper and one sock. Apparently, clothes are optional in our house.

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