Friday, September 16, 2011

Worst day of Vacation

This post will be about the worst day of recent our vacation.  And it really wasn't that bad.  This is the day we started for home.  We left Delaware at 11:00 and planned to drive as far as we could.  It turns out that it wasn't that far.  We may be the only people who do not have a GPS system.  We used the old fashioned Mapquest printed directions and an atlas.  First, we missed a few turns in Delaware.  It's a good thing we had that atlas.  After awhile, we finally got back to our original route.  Then it was getting close to lunch time.  Rural Maryland does not seem to have any McDonalds.  We could not find anywhere to eat.  We were hoping to eat before getting to the Bay Bridge.  Finally, right before the bridge, we found a Chick Fil A.  Everyone needed a break and Laci needed some time to play.  This is where the rain started.  We made it across the bridge.  As we were approaching Frederick, MD we saw a sign for an accident.  The backup was 5 miles before the accident.  Charlie made the decision to drive through Frederick and try to avoid the accident.  We drove through Frederick, took a pit stop and got back on the highway and still sat for 10 minutes.  By now it is raining pretty hard, we are in the mountains and for the next hour, we had to stop/slow down 4 times for accidents.  We do not enjoy driving through the mountains and the accidents and rain did not help the situation.  Neither did the fact that this is the particular hour that Laci decided to throw a tantrum.  So now I have Charlie next to me freaking out because of the traffic and Laci's tantrum and Laci is refusing to do what I ask (be quiet) and is kicking the back of his seat. There was nothing I could do to help the situation.  I wanted to cry.  I just saw images of crashing.  Finally, the rain stopped and the sun came out!  Everyone behaved.  We stopped at a Welcome Center and breathed a sigh of relief.  We decided to stay overnight in Morgantown, WV.  I looked online and saw that they had a home football game that weekend.  Did we really need anything else going on?  I called ahead and reserved a room.  

As we were getting on the exit to stop, we heard Laci crying in the back saying that she forgot the rule.  What rule was she referring to?  As we thought hard and saw her cry, we realized she forgot the rule to not stick anything up her nose.  She stuck a rock up her nose the day before we left on vacation too.  This time it was the foam piece that goes over an ear bud.  Charlie and I started panicking.  Visions of looking for an ER in WV ran through our heads and I started looking at the exit for a pharmacy to buy tweezers.  And to think I almost packed tweezers for this exact situation!  We stopped at a gas station and fortunately, Charlie was able to get it out with his fingers.  What are we going to do with this girl!  

We settled in for the night and walked to Bob Evans for dinner.  Charlie put Calvin to bed while I took Laci shopping to kill time and then we played in the lobby of the hotel.  Finally at 10, we went to the room and the boys were asleep.  By 10:30 I heard the sweetest sound I had heard all day - my 3 loves snoring.  

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