Friday, September 2, 2011

Laci's Families

Laci is really into families.  She is into the world of make believe.  She loves play sets and doll houses.  Anything she plays with is a family and anything (like a crayon) can be a person in a family.  The one that makes me chuckle the most is her toothbrushes.  She can play with toothbrushes for hours.  She will specifically ask to not take a bath with Calvin so she can play with her toothbrushes without him bothering them.  The "family" that is most precious to her is the Bear Family.  The Bear Family has been with us for over a year now.  The parents are a Bride and Groom white (now gray) stuffed animals that I got before our wedding.  They are the Mom and Dad because they are the biggest.  Beanie Babies make up the rest of the family.  My favorite member of the Bear Family is the Monkey.  I don't know why but the Monkey Beanie Baby has always been a member of the Bear family.  There is a brother bear, sister bear, little brother bear and little sister bear (they are twins) and a few other members of the family.  I have trouble keeping track of them all.  There are about 8 in all in the Bear family.  She sleeps with them every night.  There are about a total of 20 or so stuffed animals (dogs, beanie babies, Santa) on her bed at any given time.  I don't know how she fits on the bed.  Last night I accidently moved the bears to make room for her and I got in trouble for stacking them because I was going to give them bruises.  I also get in trouble when she asks me for a certain Bear and I bring the wrong one to her.  Each bear has a personality and she knows them all well.  It's her own little world.  I remember those little worlds when I was little.  I miss those worlds.  

Last night, her "family" of choice were spoons.  She kept running into the kitchen for more spoons.  I looked around the family room and saw tons of toys and then I looked over at Laci, sitting at her little table playing with a pile of spoons as if they are people.  Calvin was playing with a bowl and a wooden stick.  Why do we bother with any toys at all!

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