Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years later - 9/11

I am not going to post a lot about 9/11. There is so much out there right now. We all have our own personal stories. But I have often thought about what I will tell my children about that time when they are old enough to ask. I have wanted to write and journal about my personal story but ten years later, I am still not able to. There are a few things that stand out to me that I will tell them about.

There was no laughter, no TV and no music. I have often heard people comment about the quiet due to the lack of airplanes in the air was noteworthy. I always remember the quiet. I remember thinking what it would have been like to have young children that didn't understand what was going on. Life had to go on for them. That would have been difficult. I remember how strange it was for all the "normal" to come back. I remember the first time a regular song was played on the radio days later. It would take weeks before late night TV would come back.

The images. We all have images that stand in our mind. The strong leaders. The crowds running. The smoke. The firetrucks. The image that stands out for me was the doctors waiting at the hospital for the ambulances that never came. There weren't injuries. People either made it out or they did not.

As I look back now at all of the coverage from the time, I can't help but wonder how did they get it all cleaned up? The buildings and the steel alone was a challenge. How did they move on? That they did is what makes America great.

A friend of ours daughter was born that day. He has said how strange it was to be holding his brand new baby while this tradegy was going on. I can not imagine the range of emotions they must have been feeling.

We will never forget. That became the tagline. So much is said in those 4 words. And it is as important today as ever. I was not directly affected and living where I do, I know my memories and how it changed me is so different than so many others. I am proud to be an American and I will never forget.

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