Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Role

I have reached a new stage in life.  Soccer has always been in my life.  I started playing soccer in 2nd grade and played throughout high school.  When I graduated college and in the "real world", I started coaching in a youth league.  I coached for 9 years.  I also started playing in a women's league and played until I was pregnant with Calvin.  I may go back to playing again when the kids are older but right now I need a break and I need to spend my Sunday evenings with my kids.  
Saturday, I reached a new milestone.  I became an official Soccer Mom.  Laci had her first day of soccer.  It is a small church league near our house.  Friday night, I got out all her soccer gear and we tried it all on.  Then out to the front yard for some practice.  She was wearing her Disney flannel pajamas which is about all she wears these days at home.  She even has a Disney princess soccer ball. 
Saturday morning, she kept repeating "I'm dying to go to soccer practice."  I was excited too.  The whole event was pretty funny.  It's just bunch ball and the kids running around after the ball.  They "practiced" for 30 minutes and then played the other team for 30 minutes.  During the practice, I kept gringing as I saw the kids all kick the ball with their toes.  Laci and I may have a little practice on how to kick the ball later.  :)  She ran off to the side a few times for water.  Laci volunteered to sit out the first quarter and spent the whole time asking me for snacks.  Then she played goalie and complained she was cold.  We told her to do jumping jacks and push ups.  She played the 3rd quarter but asked to sit out the 4th quarter because she needed a break.  She did go back in for a few minutes.  Charlie and I were mortified!  We would have never asked to sit out!  We kept telling her that there are no snacks in soccer but after the game when they all got their snack, she was quick to point out that she was right - there are snacks in soccer.  It was her first time having a fruit roll up and she declared it her new favorite food - next to cookies and ice cream.  I can't wait to see how next week goes and I am sure she can't wait to see what the snack is.  :)

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