Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Calvin Rules

One of Laci's goals when Calvin was born is that she wanted to be able to hold him standing up.  We could all hold him while standing up and walking around, but she always had to be sitting while we gently placed him on her lap.  Now that he is bigger and a little more rugged, she likes to try to carry him around.  It's not pretty and he hates it.  They also love to rough house.  When Laci was a baby, we joked that you could always tell the "second child" at school versus the "first born".  Calvin is a good "second child" and loves to rough house.  We play and jump around every night before bed.  He loves jumping on the bed.  He loves jumping on piles of pillows.  He loves jumping on people.  Even though, he is pretty rugged, we still had to give Laci some "Calvin's Rules".  A few of Calvin's Rules - 1.  No attacking him.  2.  No jumping on him.  3.  No pestering him.  Now, when she starts to jump on him, we just say "Calvin Rules" and she knows to stop.  Sometimes we have to remind her that Calvin's Rules apply anywhere, not just as home.  Usually it works.  Sometimes it does not.

The other day, Calvin started jumping on Laci.  It must have been more than she wanted or could handle because suddenly she shouted out "Laci's Rules".  Apparently, in her mind, it works both ways.  :)

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