Monday, January 2, 2012

A Grandma didn't want to be left out

When I was pregnant with Laci, I found a half finished cross stitched quilt my special grandma had started.  So as a gift to her great granddaughter, from  I finished it for her.  My MIL was nice enough to finish the ends and add a wall hanger to it.  It has always hung in Laci's room.  I love that it was touched by so many hands for Laci.  Even though she never came out and said it, I always had the feeling my mom felt a little left out.  She is not crafty. 

When I saw my mom at Christmas, she gave me a clown wall hanging that she had made in the 70s and her MIL (my grandma) added the hanger to it.  She asked if we could hang it in Calvin's room so that each child had something their grandmas and great grandmas made for them.  I thought it was really sweet that she finally felt like she contributed and made something for them.  I noticed today that Charlie hung it up in his room.  As a side note, the goofy dog piggy bank was also Charlie's old childhood piggy bank.  I may be a bit sentimental but I love a few touches of our childhood that we have been able to pass down to our kids.


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