Friday, January 27, 2012

Some insight... or just being 4

I often wonder about the reasons Laci does the things she does.  Is she just 4 or is there a deeper meaning.  Last night, Laci slept in her bed.  Her actual bed.  Not the floor.  First she asked if could she sleep with me because my sheets are so soft.  I reminded her that she also has soft sheets on her bed.  So she decided to try her bed again.  I made the bed with her pillow at the head of the bed.  When she did sleep on the bed before, it was always with her head at the foot of the bed.  As part of her avoiding going to sleep, she decided to sleep sitting up and put her pillows on the wall to sit there.  She said "I'm a little nervous to sleep in a bed.  I have never slept on a bed before."  I reminded her that of course she has slept in a bed before!  Goof.  I asked if she wanted me to take her railing down to sleep on the bed.  She also mentioned the time she fell out of the bed at Grandma's house and this is a really high bed.  Laci's bed is a regular height bed and that happened months ago.  Is that why she has been sleeping on the floor?  I don't know but maybe.  She kept saying she was nervous.  I finally got her tucked in and left.  I came  back a few minutes later and she had moved back to the foot of the bed.  She also asked that the bathroom light be left on.  Ironically, she told me this morning that she couldn't sleep last night because the bathroom light was on.  Again, she's a goof.  But all this makes me wonder - has been sleeping on the floor because she is afraid to fall off?  Or is she just 4 and likes to try different things?  

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