Friday, January 20, 2012


Uno is Laci's new favorite game.  Uno is the game Charlie always played as a kid with his grandparents. There was a phase when we were dating where we played a lot of Uno.  I know, we're dorks.  So it is fun to pass Uno down to Laci.  We play often in the evenings after Calvin has gone to bed.  Here are the things I love about playing Uno with Laci.

1.  She can play by herself so there are three players.  But often she wants to be on one of our teams.   We hold the cards, she lays them down.  She wants to look at all of our cards before picking teams but Charlie won't let her look at his cards. 
2.  If she is playing by herself, she makes a point to lay all of her cards out and makes sure we can all see them.  If we can't see them, she moves so we can.
3.  She has no poker face and is smiles with glee if she has a wild card.  And pouts if she doesn't.  She gets that from me.  I have absolutely no poker face and the two of us smile with glee when we are about to win.  
4.  If she wins or is on a winning team, she likes to be tickled.  This does not extend to Charlie.  I learned the hard way that he does not want to be tickled if he wins.  
5.  She loves shouting out Uno and this extends to any number of cards she has in her hand.  She will shout out "Dos", "Tres", "Cuatro"...
6.  She has no strategy.  If she does get a Wild and has four reds and one yellow, she will pick yellow.  If she plays "choose one player to draw 2" and I have 5 cards and Charlie has 1 card, she will pick me to draw 2. 
7.  I love my turn to deal because I can do the bridge when I shuffle.  Charlie can't.  It's amusing to watch him try and see the cards go everywhere.  We usually have a nice laugh.   
8.  We end on a win.  Meaning - when it is time to go to bed, we will keep playing until she wins.  

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