Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Floor Bed

I read an ad online about a floor bed.  Basically, it was a mattress on a small wood frame on the bed.  Laci also sleeps on a floor bed.  But it is just Laci sleeping on the floor.  Before we accept our terrible parents award for forcing our child to sleep on the floor, it is her choice.  Laci has a perfectly good bed.  But for the last few weeks, Laci has chosen to sleep on the floor.  I don't know why but if she sleeps, I'm fine with it.  She has moved all of her stuffed animals, her favorite pillows and comforter on the floor.  When she goes to clean her room, she even makes her bed on the floor by straightening out the comforter and pillow and organizing all the stuffed animals.  We use the bed now to lay out her clothes for the next day.  Sometimes I wonder if her mattress isn't very good (it's pretty old) and I wonder if we should just get a good mattress.  But she seems to prefer the floor. 

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