Monday, January 2, 2012

Pajama Puzzle Day

This has been a very strange weekend.  4 days at home with nothing to do.  I can't remember the last time we have had a break like this.  I wanted to go on an outing like the museum or something but realized playtime at home was just as fun.  So yesterday, we had a lazy, pajama day.  Laci was up late at a New Years Eve party and slept until 9:45.  I don't think she has ever slept that late in her life.  One of our traditions is to do a puzzle on New Years Day.  I love holidays that have no set traditions.  Days that are truely "free".  This year, we chose a 1000 piece Royal Wedding puzzle.  We tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to "puzzle day" and our child care lacks.  The one rule that I had to instill for Charlie is that he had to take breaks to help with the kids.  He did a good job of helping me when I asked.  I look forward to the day that the kids can do puzzle day with us.  Laci got a free pajama day and didn't even have to get dressed yesterday. 

During Calvin's nap, I also got to the neighborhood work out room to get the first run of the year done.  This year's goal is still 400 miles, hoping to be done by Thanksgiving again.  I rewarded my run with a pan of brownies Laci and I shared.  Yum. 

Working on our puzzles

The finished puzzles -
Will and Kate Wedding for Charlie and me, Princess for Laci and the Snowman Stacker for Calvin
For dinner, we had our lazy Sunday afternoon dinner of waffles and fruit.  We had that moment during dinner where we couldn't help but laugh.  Laci had applesauce all over her waffles and then proceeding to drop them all over the floor.  For a simple dinner, we made quite a mess.  I chose cleaning up the kids with baths and Charlie took over the kitchen.  Our lazy day finished with the Lion King for Laci and finishing the puzzle for Charlie and me.  The bonus this year is that we get today off too!  It's faux Sunday here - a cleaning and playing day!

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