Thursday, July 28, 2011

The First Look

One thing I love talking about as much as my kids is my husband.  I was looking online at a friend's wedding pictures (yeah for the internet!) and I was stuck on a picture of the groom waiting at the alter for his bride to come down the aisle.  He had the groom's look on his face - full of love, hope and joy with anticipation and a little nerves mixed in.  I remember years ago, my sister had told me that she was so nervous before her wedding but as soon as she was at the back of the church and saw her groom waiting for her at the altar, a moment of calm filled her and she knew everything was good.   I was really looking forward to that moment, to that look.  But I wasn't nervous before my wedding.  I remember waiting in the church and I heard the giggles of the guests as my nieces and nephews walked down the aisle.  My dad leaned over and said "I think they stole the show".  Of course, they did.  They were adorable!  But I still wasn't nervous, just very, very excited.  Later, Charlie and I were talking about our wedding.  He told me that he was so nervous but then when we saw me appear walking down the aisle, he was calm and he knew everything was good.  I loved hearing that because it is exactly how my sister described it - but reverse.  I am the rock that calms Charlie.  Now whenever I go to weddings, I look at the faces of the bride and groom at the first moment, when they feel that calm and know that everything is good.  

I keep my melted down unity candle next to my kitchen sink.  My mom offered to get me a new, pretty one to display on the mantle.  I said no.  I want the melted down one from the wedding nearby in an everyday place.  It's a reminder of that moment and of that day.  I have been married long enough to know that there are the ups and downs and good times and bad and through all of those times, we always have that moment and that first look.  

My new favorite part of weddings is the Father / Daughter dance.  I went to a wedding last year and teared up during that dance.  I suddenly had visions of the future and Charlie walking Laci down the aisle and "giving her away".  I could see them doing the Father / Daughter Dance.  I am looking forward to that moment and dreading it all at the same time.  

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