Wednesday, July 13, 2011


This is a time of Transitions for Calvin.  He's one year old now.  All grown up, right?  Right now at daycare he is the Transitions Room for 8 - 13 months olds.  It is a very aptly named room.  When he entered this room, he was sitting and couldn't crawl yet, drinking formula from bottles, learning to eat baby food, barefoot.  When he leaves the room, he will be walking, drinking milk from cups, regular food and must wear shoes.  (Note to self - get Calvin some shoes.)  Right now he is crawling and walking with his walker toys pretty quickly.  He wants to walk so badly.  I've been talking to the daycare about these big "1 year old" changes.  He doesn't do very well yet from a cup.  He can only handle the straw so he fights the other babies for the one sippy cup with a straw.  :)  We decided to make the change this week to milk this week and then work on the cup next week.  Baby steps - literally.  I gave him milk last night and at first it went well.  Then he realized what it was and stopped.  Even after I added formula to it, he refused because he thought it was still milk.  After a few minutes, he finished the milk/formula mix.  He is eating food pretty well and feeding himself better.  Not as much is landing on the floor or his lap.  Although I still apologize to restaurants for the messes we leave behind. 

Sunday, when we were talking about Calvin being one now, Laci asked if he will still be in a crib.  The next room at daycare has cots.  I told her he would still be in a crib for awhile.  She also asked if he would walk now.  I told her yes, but probably not today.  Even she knew turning one is a milestone. 

I am looking forward to my "toddler" but I will miss my "baby".  It will be nice not to wash and label bottles or buy formula and baby food.  It will be nice to only have one nap to plan around instead of windows of activities between naps.  I am grateful for the $10 paycut in his weekly fee although the fees usually go up with the school year in August.  :) But I am not sure who these transitions are harder on - Calvin or Mommy! 

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