Thursday, July 14, 2011

Too many toys?

I feel like I have been writing about Calvin a lot lately.  But this has been a big month for him.  Because he is the second child and the oft forgotten child, I felt like he had enough of everything.  I kept thinking that he didn't need anything.  He had a pile of baby toys and every now and then, I would go to the basement and find a few more things to play with.  He often played with Laci's toys - there was a month he loved the cleaning toys (broom, vacuum, mop), the month he loved her recorder.  Lately, he had liked the stacking blocks.  But now that he has a bunch of new toys from his birthday, I suddenly see him doing so much more.  One of his toys was an alphabet train that you can push or ride.  The little letters go in one hole and out the other.  I was sure he is a genuis the first time I saw him push the letter in the train, watch it come out the back and then crawl over to pick up the letter and do it again.  He has such concentration.  He has a lot of focus.  He also got a little toy where balls go on a tower and you use a mallet to hit them through the tower.  He loves it.  I felt bad that we never read books with him.  A few days ago, I tried to read him a baby book but he had no interest.  Tonight, he crawled over to a new baby book and started thumbing through it.  He must have known it was his and was just waiting to get some books before starting to "read".  It was upside down but he was trying.  Genuis.  He has been trying his new cars but hasn't quite gotten the hang of pushing them around yet.  I would say that his toy and activity for this month is definately taking things and toys in and out of bowls and things and watching what happens.  I love watching their little minds grow.

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