Saturday, July 30, 2011

In Training

Calvin and I are both "in training."  We have big events coming up in August.  I have 3 running goals for 2011 - 1. Run a 5k with Rob.  July 24 - Run cancelled due to a storm.  2. Run a 10k - August 20 3.  Run 400 miles.  I am at 267 miles and in good shape to hit 400 miles.  I am now hoping to complete the 400 miles by the end of November.  Because let's face it, I am usually busy in December running errands and getting ready for Christmas and it is hard to get a run in at lunch.  I have never formally "trained" for any runs.  I am not formally training now but I have bumped up my mileage to 6 or 7 miles on Saturday morning and 4 miles twice during the week.  I am feeling more confident about the 10k.

Calvin is "training" for the walking room at daycare.  His move up date is August 16.  He still can't walk on his own.  I don't want to push him and I know that he will walk when he is ready.  They have started walking him around the church at daycare.  I have been calling it "training".  They need to be able to walk to the lunch room.  The teachers will hold one hand and help him if needed.  But he hasn't gotten the hang of that either.  So we practice.  He'll be fine.  The other task that we need to work on is wearing shoes!  We tried once and he kicked them right off.  But he has had a big month so far.  He did great giving up the formula and is doing good on milk.  He is getting there with the sippy cup.  There are no bottles allowed at the next room.  Right now he gets 3 cups a day and one bottle at school and I like giving him a bottle at bedtime.  Of course, he is pretty spoiled and lazy and sometimes he just lays there while I hold his sippy cup for him like a bottle.  Does that really count?  :)

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