Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Calvin!!!

Oops, I blinked...  And an entire year went by?!?  How did this happen?  How did my baby turn one?  I have heard from others that the second baby does a lot sooner because they are chasing after their older sibling.  Walking, talking, eating...  For me, it's the opposite.  Calvin just seems so little.  Maybe because I compare him to Laci and he feels so little when I pick him up after I pick her up.  She just seemed older at one.  He isn't walking yet and still getting the hang of eating finger foods.  He hasn't mastered the cup yet.  I know there are a lot of changes that are going to be happening in the next couple of months - no more bottles or formula (yeah!), now its sippy cups and milk, walking, talking and more independence.  He babbles a lot but no concrete words or sounds yet.  Laci was mama-ing and dada-ing and could say forms of dog and cat by her first birthday.  He is just now starting to clap and wave.  But I love the randomness of his clapping for no reason at all. I looked at Laci's baby book last night and all I saw was Calvin.  Sometimes I think the two of them look alike.  But last night as I was reminiscing about her babyhood, all I could think about is his now. 

Laci and I are tied at the hip.  We do everything together.  Often, if I am running errands, I will grab her and leave Calvin home with Charlie.  We go on special dates or outings and leave "the boys" at home.  It was starting to feel like Laci is mine and Calvin is Charlie's.  When he was born, I was so concerned about making sure that Laci wasn't jealous that I hardly spent anytime at all with him the first two weeks.  Nursing him in the middle of the night became our time.  I didn't feel that "connection" that I have with Laci yet with Calvin.  But then a few months ago, Calvin became really attached to me.  He lights up when I walk in a room.  He crawls over to me as fast as he can.  He loves just being held by me.  When we get home from school every day, I just sit and hold him or keep him on my hip while I cook dinner.  Laci always wants to play with him but I tell her that he just needs his mommy time.  That is our time.  He is mine and I am his mommy.  Always and forever...  

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