Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Calvin Stands - Reprise

By himself this time!  I think his training is really paying off.  Last night, he was using the doll stroller as a walker which is significant because the doll stroller is very unstable and in the past he has not been successful in walking with it.  His balance is getting better.  He even let go a few times and stood for several seconds.  I clapped and cheered.  Laci came over and had a look on her face like "What is the big deal?  I have been standing for years.  No one claps for me!"  

Last night during his bath, he did not follow directions when I told him to not dump the bowl of water out of the bathtub or onto me.  Instead, he continually dumped the bowl of water out of the bathtub and onto me.  He does have enough hair now to make the alfalfa sprout on top of his head.  That makes any bath just a little bit more fun.  

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