Sunday, August 7, 2011


I could blog about our great weekend.  About Laci's first time tubing and how I loved sharing that experience with her.  She loved it.  Or about this morning's impromptu dip in the lake even though we didn't bring her swimming suit and I let Laci swim in only her underwear even though she is clearly too old for that.  Or about the rough night I had because neither kid slept well away from home.
Instead, I am going to write about our dinner tonight.  It was a simple dinner - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit salad and chips.  While I made the sandwiches and fruit salad, Laci set the table and put the fruit salad in our bowls.  She carried everything over to the table.  It was so cute that instead of clearing the table of the newspapers, she just put everyone's plates on one side of the table.  It's a good thing we all like each other because we were sitting very close to each other.  Calvin was exhausted and kept screaming at something - maybe the jelly sandwich that he had never had before or the strawberries.  I think he still had cheese on his face from lunch.  He finally calmed down and ate his dinner.  Laci only ate her fruit salad until we threatened no bedtime snack without eating her sandwich.  My favorite part was when Charlie poured all the crumbs from the bottom of the chip bag onto his plate.  His face was priceless when Laci spilled most of the chip crumbs onto the floor - the floor he had just finished sweeping.  :)  It was a bit of chaos and a bit of quiet wonderful.  These are the moments I will miss when the kids are grown.  The moments that go by too fast.  The night ended with baths for both which is it's own bit of challenges and chaos!

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