Monday, August 15, 2011

The No Spill Sippy Cup

Some random thoughts on sippy cups.  Now that Calvin is out of bottles, we are into the world of Sippy Cups.  I don't remember disliking sippy cups the last go around as much I do now.  Maybe it is the advertising "No Spill".  There is nothing no spill about it!  Every time Calvin drops his cup, it spills.  One actually had written on it "No Spill only works when upright."  Isn't every cup no-spill when upright?  I gave him a cup in the car today and he actually unscrewed open the cap.  Fortunately, I think it was almost empty anyways.  The valve makes the cup almost exactly like a bottle.  Occasionally, we even find ourselves holding Calvin and the sippy cup like a bottle.  With Laci, we had the same brand of sippy cup and the lids were all interchangeable.  Most of her old cups are broken or pink flowers.  For whatever reason, right now we have several different types of sippy cups, lids and valves floating around the house.  But they are all blue with cars and trucks on them.  :)  It's encouraging to remember that like all phases, the sippy cup phase doesn't last forever and soon enough he will be drinking and spilling out of regular cups like Laci.   

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