Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sprinkler Run - A Rite of Passage

Sunday afternoon, Laci played in the sprinkler.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures.  I was enjoying watching her too much to get a camera.  She started off in her clothes.  Then, as she began stripping, I figured she should probably put a swimming suit on.  I always wonder what goes on in her head when she is playing.  She played with an umbrella in the sprinkler.   At one point, she had some buckets on her head, hitting it with a toy shovel saying "Thar' she blows".  ? I have no idea what that meant.  It was cute.

One mistake we made was she played in the sprinkler right after Charlie mowed.  So she was covered in grass clippings.  Her clothes were covered with grass clippings too so I left them on the deck to dry.  Later, I looked at and didn't see them.  I commented that it looked like her underwear had blown away.  Charlie said that sometimes he sees stray articles of clothing on his runs and wonders how they got there.  Don't worry - we found them on the other side of the deck.  After Charlie turned the sprinklers off, Laci ran off.  I walked around the house but didn't see her.  A few minutes later she popped up and said Calvin was crying - she had just gone in and checked on him.  Sure enough, there was a direct line of water and grass clippings from the door up the stairs into Calvin room.  Yeah.  I'm glad she waited until after we swept and vacuumed the house to do that.  :)

I dragged her outside to clean her off.  She moved a big stone marker on the flower bed exposing a huge pile of ants and she insisted on digging them a hole.  Now she is wet and covered in grass clipping and ants.  I finally convinced her to get away from the ants and she let me clean her up to allow her back in the house.  Oh to be 3 again!

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