Wednesday, August 17, 2011

If Mom made it, don't eat it

I saw on facebook someone posted a quote "If Man made it, don't eat it."  I think my children's rule of thumb is "If Mom made it, don't eat it."  We are in a dinner rut!  I am completely out of dinner ideas.  I think that all families should have a 10 or so meal repertoire of dinners that their family likes.  That is a couple of weeks of dinners.  I go through phases where I feel like we are having good dinners for awhle.  But now I feel like I am in a 4 meal rotation!  I am completely out of ideas.  I want to be more creative and cook more but sometimes I feel like "what's the point?"  Whatever meat I cook, I cut up for Laci and she just dips in ketchup.  What is the point in trying to play with flavors and sauces if she is just going to dip it in ketchup?  Charlie isn't much better.  He uses A1 - so much classier and grown up.  Calvin was doing well eating but he is on a carb kick.  And bananas.  He has had bananas the last couple of nights.  Calvin's choices are partly my fault because I am terrible at finger food ideas for a toddler.  He has refused meat the last few nights.  So I head for the goldfish and teddy graham standby.

To add to my dinner woes, I always come home from work starving.  I am the type of person who eats a little often, instead of 3 big meals.  So if I don't eat a snack at work (and sometimes even when I do eat a snack) I am starving when I get home at 5.  I am cooking dinner as fast as I can.  Lately Calvin has been really clingy.  I am not sure if he is hungry also or what.  I call it his "needs his mommy" time.  So we cuddle.  It's difficult making dinner with a baby on your hip.  I try to give him a snack on his high chair or on the floor.  But I don't want to do that because it might spoil his dinner.  But since he isn't eating dinner, what does it matter. 

Okay - enough venting my frustrations about my dinner woes.  Tomorrow is Thursday - spaghetti night.  Laci and Calvin love the garlic bread.  At least I know what I am serving and that they will eat something. 

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