Thursday, August 4, 2011

Operation Neighbor Hit Me, Neighbor Fix Me

I am in the middle of Operation Neighbor Hit Me Neighbor Fix Me.  I like to give elaborate names to small projects.  Last Friday, on my way to work, I was hit at a red light.  It was a small hit and I almost didn't stop.  It seemed like a hassle and I assumed it wasn't a big hit.  Is it a hit and run if the person who is hit runs?  But I figured I should do the right thing and stop.  The guy who hit me was really nice.  He admitted that it was his fault and would take care of any repairs.  It looked like it could be a simple repair and just painting the bumper.  We exchanged information and I went on to work.  I didn't want to get a police report because that seemed like a hassle for something so small.  I talked to him later that day and realized he lives 3 doors down from me and across the street!  We were about 5 miles from our neighborhood when this happened.  I told him I would get some repair estimates and call him back.  Monday morning he emailed and asked if I wouldn't mind taking it to the dealership near our house.  His friend is a manager there and would give him a good deal.  He had been so nice and I knew he was paying for this out of his pocket so I wanted to help him out.  I took it over there to have the friend look at it.  It turns out the friend is his neighbor, 3 doors down from me.  He said that he has a guy that comes in Friday mornings to do those kind of small paint jobs and he would take care of it.  He would even give me a minivan to drive.  I told him that Thursday nights would be hard to drop off the car because I have the kids alone.  He said that it wasn't a problem and he would drop a minivan off at my house and pick up the car Thursday evening and bring my car back Friday night.  How convenient is that!  So tonight, he called at about 6:30, came over, dropped a minivan off and took my minivan back to the dealership.  He'll just drive my car home tomorrow.  I thought that getting this small repair done would be a hassle but it has been fine.  It's an unconventional way to meet people in the neighborhood.  Another reason I really like my neighborhood!

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