Monday, August 15, 2011

The Zoo - the things we go for our kids

I always read about people's adventures on their blogs and facebook.  Sometimes I feel bad that we don't go on many adventures - like the zoo or children's museums or play dates, etc.  It's hard when I am working because the weekends are filled with errands, laundry and cleaning.  It's hard to find the time to go on these adventures.  The daycare was closed today for teacher training.  Tomorrow is the first day of the school year.  I decided to take the kids to the zoo.  Of course, last week Laci had her final field trip of summer camp at the zoo.  She was our guide for the day. 
I have always disliked double strollers because they are so enormous.  Fortunately, Laci is old enough that we have not needed a double stroller.  But since I was going by myself, I did not want to have to worry about her running off or whining that she was tired.  I borrowed my neighbors double stroller.  That was a great idea.  It was great having them both sit in the stroller and not having to worry about Laci taking off.  She got out when she wanted to but was content to just ride and look. 

I had to take the Vibe today.  This is another reason why we never got a double stroller. 
It didn't fit in the back and had to go in the front seat.

Look how nicely they are both contained!  She barely fit but it worked for one day.
She loved the map.
Calvin wasn't too interested in the animals.  I think he was just tired and wanted a nap.  He was mildly amused at the dolphin show.  Laci enjoyed it but it was a bit of a repeat having just been there a few days ago.  On the way home, I asked her what her favorite part of the zoo was.  Her answer - Dora Popsicle and the playground.  I could have done that at home.  But the big adventures are important to do sometimes.  Even if it is the little parts that make the memories.

The slide - the best part!

Tony, Laci and the Cheetah

This is about as excited as he got.  Except for the slide.  He also loved the slide!
Later, after naps and rests, we walked down to the pond in our neighborhood and fed the fish.  I love doing that with the kids.  This is our real life and what I truly appreciate in our busy life.  Tonight, Laci named the turtles John, Blon and Lon and the catfish Targon.  She told me stories about the turtles and what they do when we aren't there.  I love her stories.  When we got home, she insisted on wearing her Monkey costume from two years ago that barely fit.  She and Calvin ended up eating bananas for dinner and barely anything else.  It was so cute watching her cut up his banana just like I do and she fed him saying the same words I do. 
The point of today was a big adventure.  But I was reminded that the real point of today was to enjoy my children.  All of the errands were done Saturday and the chores were done Sunday.  Today was about spending the day with my kids without the distractions.  Maybe that was the real reason why the daycare was closed today.

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