Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some Gems from Laci

Tuesday nights, Charlie is usually out of town.  Last night, Laci and I had some great chats.  Laci is starting to be a great conversationalist - both for content and mis-content.  I wrote them down to share with Charlie.  

Me: Laci, who are my brothers and sisters.
Laci:  Aunt Laura, Uncle Rob and Uncle Jake (close enough - we'll accept).
Me: Who is Daddy's brother.
Laci: Aunt David (close enough - we'll accept)

I let her watch the beginning of MasterChef with me.
Me: I do not like that hat Suzy is wearing.  (Suzy was wearing a hat similar to a beret.)
Laci: Mom, it's a princess hat.  Everyone loves princess hats.  Everyone except my boy friends. 
Laci: I love the girl with the sparkly hair.  I want her to win.  I want to try her food.  (Yes because Laci loves risotto).

At 9:40, I have gone into Laci's room several times to tell her to go to sleep.  She has rearranged her bed so she is upside down in the bed.
Laci: Okay, this time I will really go to sleep.  (Really, why didn't you go to sleep the last 4 times I have been in here!) 

This morning as I was brushing my teeth, she came in the bathroom.
Laci: The storm is scaring me.
Me: Don't worry.  It is moving through fast.
Laci: Not fast enough.

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