Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bread and the (Peanut) Butter

One of the things I love about being in a family is all of those little traditions just between the two of you, three of you or whoever is in your family.  Whether is it how you celebrate birthdays, where everyone sits at dinner, the bedtime routines, it's those little things.  One of my favorites with Laci and soon to be with Calvin is hanging out in our bed.  On Saturday mornings, we let her jump in bed with us and cuddle.  She likes to get in the middle and always asks to be the Peanut Butter.  Charlie and I are the bread and we all make a sandwich.  Now, occasionally Calvin joins us and he is the jelly.  This morning, Charlie was out of town and it was just Laci and I.  She wanted to be on the end and declared herself the bread this time.  I got to be the peanut butter.  We pretended Calvin was the other piece of bread but really, we were an open faced sandwich today.  I love sandwiches!

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